COVID-19 Planning and Assistance



During the time of the global COVID-19 pandemic, television production is facing a new challenge.  We are seeing broadcasters and consultancies working together in a way never seen before to establish how we can safely get back into production.


We have been working with multiple broadcasters and consultancies and taking advice both nationally and internationally about safe working practices and how to help our clients recommence work.


We are working on some of the earliest and largest shoots in the UK to ensure they are made in a COVID-19 secure environment.  This experience is allowing us to provide tailor-made production specific advice to ensure COVID-19 risk is minimised.  


In conjunction with our trusted partners at Olympus Security we have a team of trained COVID-19 Supervisors, all medically qualified, who can attend your shoot and ensure that your COVID-19 protocols are adhered to at all times.  

Please contact us to ask for details about how we can help make your production COVID-19 secure.


We can also provide training for your staff to assist them in planning your COVID secure shoot.  We will teach them how to write a COVID-19 risk assessment and what risk management protocols they need to consider when doing this.


This is an interactive online course.  Please e-mail us to ask for full details of our next course.