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Independent Adjudication and Fairness Advice

With experience of working on a wide range of quiz and gameshows, vote shows and competitions our aim is to protect producers from complaints by ensuring that they cannot be accused of operating unfairly. 

From reviewing formats to dealing with contestant complaints we will ensure that fair play is beyond dispute.

We have extensive experience of ensuring that reasonable adjustments are made for disabled contestants allowing all contestants to take part on a level playing field.   

Shows we have worked on include:

007 Race To A Million


The Finish Line

Sign 2 Win

The Chase

Limitless Win


1% Club

In With A Shout

Money Ball

Sign To Win

I Literally Just Told You

Sitting on a Fortune

Rolling In It

The Wheel

The Wall

Beat The Chasers

Child Genius

Bank Balance


Cash Trapped

Race to the Numbers

Take The Tower

Chase The Case

Rolling In It

5 Gold Rings

What Would Your Kid Do?

Tipping Point


The Button

Deal or No Deal

The Voice

Let's Sing and Dance for Comic Relief

Red or Black

Family Brain Games

The Next Great Magician

Keep It In The Family

1,000 Heartbeats

Amazing Greys

Prank Pad

UK's best part-time band

Magic Numbers

Krypton Factor

Golden Balls

Break the Safe



Food Glorious Food

Take on the Twisters

My Man Can

Dale's Great Getaway

21st Question

Animal Honours

The Taste


Red or Black
Child Genius
Wall to Wall
Channel 4

“Red or Black ?” was a hugely complicated show, featuring 70 games of random chance. The integrity of the format depended on the integrity of those games. In Olivia, and Beyond Dispute, we found someone who was able to be both independent of production, and yet hugely helpful to it. Her experience and knowledge was a key part of the production process, and I look forward to working with her again on future projects."

Joe McLusky, Production Executive, ITV Studios, ITV plc


Jane Lush – Series Executive - CleverDicks, Splash Media TV and Tipping Point, RDF

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